Aesthetics in Marketing for Brand Awareness

Aesthetics in Marketing for Brand Awareness


Nailing the right vibe with your aesthetics not only hits your marketing goals but also amps up your brand awareness. Let's dive into the strategies that make your visuals pop, connecting with your audience on a whole new level.

What Is Aesthetics and How Does It Affect My Brand?

Aesthetics, in simple terms, is the study of beauty and what people find visually pleasing. It involves how individuals perceive and interact with beautiful or stylish things in their surroundings. 
Aesthetics can apply to various areas like art, design, and everyday objects. It's a personal experience, influenced by individual preferences, emotions, and past experiences.

How to Drive Brand Awareness Using Aesthetic in Marketing

It’s evident that aesthetics is a personal creation shaped by individual sensory perceptions, where engaging, pleasant, friendly, and emotionally resonant experiences are regarded as aesthetically pleasing, focusing on the concept of "beautiful.”

Aesthetics in marketing is more than just a brand's aesthetic appeal. It is a symphony of components that enthrals viewers, arouses feelings, and crafts stories that stick in their heads. This stickiness, is ultimately what drives brand awareness.

This plays a crucial role in digital marketing, capturing consumers' attention and creating an emotional connection with the brand. Paying attention to aesthetics in digital marketing helps build a brand identity, attract customers, increase sales, and gain attention on social media.  

Some key elements that contribute to the aesthetic of a brand or a product include:

  • Logo

  • Website layout

  • Lines and shapes

  • Colors 

  • Font

  • Videos

  • Images

  • Signs & symbols

Let's delve deeper into this captivating world!

Premium, Luxury Aesthetics

Clarins, a top skincare brand, excels in presenting premium, luxury aesthetics. The brand's social media visuals mirror the elegance found in its products. Classy and user-friendly packaging, characterized by clean lines, soft colors, and simple fonts shows a commitment to a timeless and beautiful look.  Clarins' packaging not only gives a sense of luxury but also highlights the brand's focus on quality and effectiveness. 

This aesthetic is mirrored across Clarins' Instagram grid thanks to a strategic collaboration with WEBQLO to ensure a cohesive and aesthetic appearance. Additionally, we've contributed to the creation of social media content that aligns with Clarins' commitment to an aesthetic and indulgent skincare experience.

Going beyond just static images, Clarins’ Instagram and Facebook postings incorporate multimedia elements, offering an immersive experience that aligns with Clarins' commitment to an indulgent skincare journey. Essentially, the premium, luxury aesthetics of Clarins is always at the forefront of our work to drive brand awareness.

Clean, Minimalistic Aesthetics

Muji, a renowned Japanese brand, exemplifies the beauty of simplicity and minimalism in its products and brand aesthetics. Muji's commitment to a minimalist philosophy extends seamlessly to its social media platforms, creating a harmonious brand image that resonates with its audience. 

The content reflects the brand's essence, from organized workspaces featuring Muji stationery to artful displays of minimalist home goods. Muji goes beyond static visuals, using multimedia elements like short videos to provide an immersive experience, often showcasing craftsmanship or glimpses into daily life with Muji items.

Zalora Malaysia's website's minimalist design ensures a user-friendly interface, emphasizing clarity and simplicity. The minimalist design, consistent color palette, and high-quality visuals create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

The site offers a curated collection of vibrant images showcasing the latest fashion trends. Beyond shopping, Zalora's website is a fashion hub, incorporating lifestyle imagery and interactive features like lookbooks for a comprehensive aesthetic experience. The brand's commitment to a visually stimulating online journey is evident, making Zalora a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts.


Aesthetics plays a crucial role in marketing, offering brands a way to connect with consumers, shape their identity and achieve brand awareness. Whether it's a beauty product, a fashion item, or even a coffee brand, aesthetics provide a unique angle to engage with audiences. 

However, it's vital to approach the use of aesthetics carefully, taking cultural and historical contexts into account. While aligning with a particular aesthetic can strengthen identity and brand awareness, it's important not to be too closely associated, as this might limit the brand's versatility and audience perception. Striking a smart balance and diversifying content is key to navigating the dynamic marketing landscape and building a brand that stands the test of time.

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