LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign

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Well-loved around the world for the first-innovative skincare products, LANEIGE needed a fresh approach to launch its new Radian-C Cream and new additions to Cream Skin range. That's where we step in with an integrated digital campaign that's not just fun but creates hype as well.

Laneige Summer Fun Campaign Laneige Summer Fun Campaign

Our Role

  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Strategy and Ideation
  • Campaign Microsite Development
  • Performance Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Laneige Summer Fun Campaign Laneige Summer Fun Campaign
LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign

The Challenge

As this is for a new product launch, we had to find ways to create impactful content and achieve optimal results in their marketing.

Our Approach

Interactive Microsite

How do we drive more impact on their microsite? By making it interactive! We included a 360° banner that the audience can click to interact with and learn fun facts about the products.

LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign
LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign

We gave people another reason to visit the microsite - to collect samples! The only thing that the audience had to do is fill up the form and they get to try out these new products.

Customer Testimonials

We know honest skincare reviews work, so we went all out and held a contest to get a total of 101 customer testimonials. All of these testimonials were displayed on the microsite to show how much the audience loved the products.

Content Strategy

When the audience thinks of summer, we wanted them to associate it to this launch. So we kept their content consistent with a signature summer theme and adapted them based on different objectives, such as creating awareness, providing product information, and driving traffic to the microsite.

Instagram Stickers

Now how do we keep conversation going about LANEIGE? Our solution was a contest using Instagram Stickers from scratch for the audience to decorate and post on their Instagram Story.

LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign
LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign
LANEIGE Summer Fun Campaign


To create the most impact, we optimised the budget based on three factors: the advertising objective, the target audience, and the channels. Different ad targeting strategies were put in place depending on the content. For example, we used geo-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that focused on areas near LANEIGE's outlets to promote the brand's in-store happenings.

The Results

Period: March - May 2020
Nationwide MCO: 18/3 - 30/4/2020


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Total Engagements

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