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Campaign: Lift Off with Mah Sing (Property)

The Challenge

Low in lead conversion due to the competitive market

The Objectives

To collect lead & enhance overall CPL
To enhance lead quality which able to improve the overall L2B (Lead To Booking) conversion

Mah Sing

our strategy

Audience centric Ad Communication

Identify the audiences' key needs/requirements based on each of the project USPs. A/B test different ad communications (on ad visual, visual text, & caption) by using various project highlights as the hook to attract audience attention and reduce overall CPL

Audience Segmentation

Segment the audience by location, audience type (e.g., for investment or own stay), age group, etc., to enhance overall relevancy

Scale by Best Performing Campaign

Learn from the best-performing ad communication and audience, the scale the campaign to maximize overall results

Audience Analysis

Study the real-time data from coversions and implement the findings into the campaign settings to enhance overall conversion

Mah Sing gif

the optimisation process

Mah Sing

Phase on improvising overall Cost Per Result, test on:

  • Ad communications
  • Creative
  • Audience & targeting Placement
  • Conversion quality

Based on key learnings, apply best performing elements, scale the campaign, further optimize the result:

  • Budget allocation
  • Campaign scaling

Focus on refined startegy toward achieving overall target.

The Results

Throgh the campaign, the brand achieved:


Improved in CPL


Improved in L2B Conversion compared to 1st Month

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