Bronze Award in Marketing To A Female Audience


Shiseido positioned itself as a global beauty brand that sells high-end products. The digital revolution has impacted the consumer buying behaviour where people can get access to the information in comparing the price, product ingredients and product reviews from blogger.

To be more customer-oriented to Millennials, Shiseido has introduced a new and completely distinctive product range to market, WASO from brand Shiseido. It is designed for Millennials with a unique method of formulating whole botanical cells into the WASO range.

our role

  • 360 Digital Strategy & Ideation
  • Campaign Design & Development
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Data Insights
SHISEIDO products images

Campaign: Shiseido WASO Launch

the challange:

Shiseido WASO is the first product range to target the Millennials market. The digital transformation is challenging, considering the brand's previous heavy focus on traditional media.

our approach:
Digital Content Hub Strategy

We have created a digital content hub to promote the content. We direct all traffics from advertising and social media channels to the content hub, where users can perform their desired actions and find the nearest department store for product trials. Subsequently, we collect the database for analysis and insights for future reference.

Setting Up Performance Measurement

We set up performance measurements based on market benchmarks from the similar industry. We continuously review and optimize them throughout the campaign.

Tailored Content & Creative Strategy

We created a mini-game that appeals to the target audience - females, specifically Millennials, to encourage engagements. Additionally, we included social media content in different formats, sizes and focuses to showcase the product's unique selling points and drive the audience to the game and microsite for sample sign-ups.

the result:

Engagements achieved VS Target


Increased in Sales VS Target


Decrease in Cost Per Lead


average game play per user

SHISEIDO WASO Campaign Screenshot
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