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Assisting, Abbott in brand health, competitor analysis, consumer trend insights and setiment analysis via monthly report.

our role

The monthly report comprises approximately 20 brands across the entire formula milk category, including infant, pediatric, and adult segments. We gathered insights about these brands from all social platforms, including information about key opinion leaders (KOLs), product SKU sentiment, and campaign performance.

Abbott Social Listening
The Challenge

To gauge the success of a brand marketing campaign, it is essential to uncover the digital expenditure of all brands on social media channels.

Our Approach

By leveraging our proprietary Adqlo algorithms, we can accurately predict the digital advertising spending of all brands with an accuracy rate of 92%, while the remaining 8% accounts for viral organic posts.

Power of Social Listening

For a multi billion dollar industry, social analytics can become a powerful tool to assist the brand to predict the next trend and stay ahead of the competition when it comes to creating a more effective awareness campaign to the market.

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