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Taiwan Excellence is established with one simple objective: to promote products made in Taiwan in the international market. Outstanding and innovative products will be awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Awards, so you know that any product featured on this platform will definitely excite you. In view of this, how do we bring out their message and achieve their objectives through social media?

Taiwan Excellence - Opro9 Smart Air Purifier Instagram Post
our role
  • Data Analysis and Insights
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design, Animation and Videography
  • Digital Advertising
  • Community Relationship Management (CRM)
Taiwan Excellence Instagram Posts
Taiwan Excellence Instagram Posts
Taiwan Excellence Instagram Posts
Taiwan Excellence Instagram Posts
The Challenge

For Taiwan Excellence, their ultimate goal was to find ways in getting quality engagement on their platform while also spreading awareness about their brand. And of course, we wanted to create posts for them that are not only engaging and creative, but also drive results.

Our Approach

We worked with the client to come up with a number of objectives in order to bring their social media to greater heights:

  1. Creating awareness
  2. Improving engagement
  3. Encouraging business-to-business (B2B) digital communication
  4. Retaining current followers
  5. Gaining new followers
Tailored Content Strategy

While taking into account of the objectives, we wanted to make Taiwan Excellence a place for the audience to learn more about Taiwan and its products. With this in mind, we built a warm and friendly brand persona to reach out and engage with our audience.

We wanted to keep our content relevant to our audience to keep them engaged. So how do we go around it? By leveraging on trends! Check out the contest we did for Chinese New Year and our video discussing COVID-19 symptoms:

During Chinese New Year we decided to reach out to more people and reward our audience with a fun social media contest.

Using our iconic bear to increase brand awareness, we successfully kept our audience engaged while also attracting new followers with ads.

Taiwan Excellence CNY Contest Post Actions
Taiwan Excellence CNY Contest Post Actions

The contest was a huge success, with it having higher engagement overall. Our audience even shared the post, despite it not being a contest requirement!

At the beginning of MCO, we noticed that thereʼs a lack of information about COVID-19. We wanted to educate our audience and urge them to stay strong, so we created this video showcasing the symptoms of COVID-19. This content did well as the topic resonated with them at this point in time.

The Results

As weʼre also all about being results-driven, we made sure to achieve their objectives using Adqlo to continuously optimise our content and advertising strategies.

Taiwan Excellence Results-Driven Facebook Likes By Adqlo
Page Likes
Average Interaction Rate
Taiwan Excellence Results-Driven Instagram Follows By Adqlo
Page Follows
Average Interaction Rate
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