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Bake With Yen is a baking-ingredients retail store in major cities & towns accross Malaysia, specializing in the manufacture, supply, distribution, and retail of baking ingredients, including premixes, accessories, and tools.

our role

  • 360 Digital Strategy & Ideation
  • Campaign Design & Development
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Performance Marketing
  • Data Insights

Raya With Yen (Raya Campaign)

The Challenge

There are various marketing campaigns during the festive season, making it difficult to stand out among the target audience. However, we aimed to increase social media presence and interactions while achieving the brand's objective - direct footfall to outlets for sales conversion.

Our Approach

Content Strategy

We identified the main objective, which is to create awareness and direct traffic to the microsite for campaign participation. To encourage participation, we created a different set of creative assets showcasing both the brand and campaign information.

AR Filter

We carefully study and learn from audience behaviors, then incorporate AR filters as one of the approaches to drive social media interactions in conjunction with our online campaign.

The Results

AR Open VS Target


AR Captured VS Target


Microsite Visits VS Target

Homemade Happiness (Parents' Day Campaign)

The Challenge

The mid-year typically experiences lower sales, making it a challenging season throughout the year. Therefore, it's essential to develop a strategy to increase footfall to the store and improve sales conversion.

Our Approach

Campaign Strategy

We worked with the client to come up with an incentives campaign that included campaign mechanic, incentive, and tailored user journey that is able to drive optimal results.

Tailored Content Strategy & KOL Marketing

While taking into account of the objectives, we aimed to ensure that potential prospects gain a better understanding of the brands's offerings to enhance interactions and attention, we collaborated with content creators to create recipe content featuring our products.

Audience Segmentation

We trageted the audience based on outlet location to drive better consideration, increasing the likelihood of cinversion.

Advertising Assets Optimisation

We applied various format of advertising assets to find out content which drive better visits to the campaign microsite.

The Results

Leads Collected VS Target


Sales Return On Marketing Spent

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