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elnvest Go is full-fledge Online Trading and CDS Account Opening product with competitive brokerage fee under Affin Hwang Investment Bank.

Campaign Period: July 2021 - 2022

Our Role

  • Performance Marketing Strategy
  • Data Analysis and Insights

Affin Hwang
Affin Hwang
The Challenge

The newly launched investment product had low awareness. The agency's role was to drive pontential investors to website and encourage them to sign up for an account.

Our Approach

Build awareness & establish a strong digital presence

It was crucial to focus on driving both brand & product awareness. Given that the product was new to the market, the primary ojective was to direct traffic to the website, where the potential customers could consider the product and sign up.

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Audience segmentation

We have segmented the audience based on location,audience type, (new investors, avid investors, researchers), age group, and other relevant factors to enhance overall relevancy.

Full-funnel tracking

We have implemented tracking on all funnels, from advertising to the website, to monitor the consumer journey & gain insights into user behavior.

Affin Hwang
Scaling by best performing campaign

We analyze the best performing ad communication & audience to learn from their success. By leveraging these insights, we scale the campaign to maximize overall results.

Affin Hwang
Campaign optimization

We incorporate a test & learn phase where we experiment with different ad formats, targeting strategies, ad communications, & ad channels. This allows us to determine which approach yields better results and can be achieved at a lower cost. We then refine our strategy & planning based on these findings, ensuring continuous improvement in our campaign performance.

The Results


Reduced in Cost Per Visit

(after optimize platforms allocation)


Reduced in Cost Per Lead

(after optimize ad content)


Reduced in Cost Per Acquisition

(after optimize strategy)

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