L'Oréal Groupe Digital Analytics


L'Oréal Group is looking for Bespoke digital analytics to monitor market and consumer insights.

our role

To design and build an analytics platform focused on the beauty and cosmetic industry that covers over 300 brands, 20,000 key ingredients, and millions of daily mentions.

L'Oréal Digital Analytics

The Challange

The data consistency and hygiene level required is exceptionally high, encompassing platforms such as META, Google, Twitter, Tiktok, blogs, forums, and news points. The platform supports the business unit hierarchy and deparmental structure of prospective clients.

L'Oréal Beauty Keywords

Our Approach

By leveraging our proprietary AI and data technology, we have developed a cloud-based SaaS solution design specifically for the unique business and departmental structure of organizations. The dashboard is equipped with in-depth product analysis, predictive analysis on digital advertising expenditure (ADEX), insights into topic trends, monitoring of PR crises.

Bespoke Dashboard

This project received high satisfaction from the cliend team, from the top C-level executives down to the executives. About 50 brand users are using it on a daily basis to conduct self-serve analysis, as this is part of the client's data-driven transformation for their organization.

L'Oréal Digital Analytics
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